Who we help 

Owners & leaders of small to mid-size organizations

We will partner with you on where you need support in the people department, such as:


We can help you set up your people processes and or programs like:

HR Teams

If your HR team does not have the bandwidth and/or the expertise needed, that's where we can train and guide, in areas such as:


Were you recently laid off?  People Ambassadors can help during this transition and guide throughout the process from initial separation to landing your next job.


"When the company I’ve worked for 12 years had a massive layoff and filed for bankruptcy I felt like the rug was pulled out from under my feet. I felt overwhelmed and lost because I have never been in this position. I knew I had to act quick but also turned for guidance, that’s when I contacted Lindy who is the owner of People Ambassadors, a professional human resource advising firm. 

She helped me from the very beginning when I was let go, starting with making sure we looked over the severance package from the company and documents. Then Lindy helped me with advice and tips for my resume.  I’m telling you it got results, within 1-2 weeks I had several interviews lined up.  She then helped by sending me interview and negotiating information and was able to provide me guidance throughout the process. It was a scary situation for my family and I but Lindy gave me resources and the confidence which landed me job interviews and offer after offer. 

Had I not had the guidance I would have settled for the first offer in panic, but I didn’t and after turning down several, the perfect job for my family and I surfaced. I nailed both interviews and was offered the job. I have no doubt I would not be in this awesome position without Lindy’s help. I would highly recommend Lindy to anyone looking for the services that her company offers. She was great at communicating, very knowledgeable and got me results." - M. Elston

"As a former hiree of Lindy's, I can speak directly to her professionalism and impact on my career. From quick responses to honest feedback, she is truly a people ambassador — which makes her new venture a natural fit in the workplace ecosystem. Her knowledge of complex HR issues, support for equity and mental health resources, and business acumen is a valuable expansion to any business." - Meghann Caldwell, Business Development Manager